2009-04-02 22:03:58 by funnyboy0409

ok well im an up coming animator ...but heres my problem..im looking to make flash video's
but heres some of the problems im having

-need to know which program i can use to make the cartoons and vids, even if i gotta pay for it
-need to know how to use audio files for vids
-NEED A PARTNER 100% dedicated
-need (maybe) a artist also...i can draw but might need an extra hand

....we might start something great...depending how dedicated you are so plz msg me or go to my page and pm me or go to my link ....thank you

-Carlos Zumaran


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2009-04-02 22:09:39

Need flash CS3... Or something like that in order to animate.

I'm not really dedicated considering that I have like 7 different things that I have started but not finished.

Take a couple flash tutorials here on ng and you will learn quickly how to animate/add audio.

I have decent art skills. Nothing too great. Contact me if you want that...

That's all I've got for ya.


2009-04-02 22:14:31

~ There are quite a few programs out htere you can use- Most recommended would be Macromedia (mwell, now it's Adobe) Flash. The latest version I guess would be the better- but I use the 2004 version, and no problems what so ever.
Cost of that can be quite... high. I think it's around $500, but if you buy it as a student, you can get it significantly cheaper. (I wouldn't know the exact price since my mother already had the program so i just got it from her.)

You can also use a program called ToonBoom. Now, I dunno how that is, since I've never personally used it, but I've heard it's also a good animating program. As far as prices, and how to use it, I couldn't tell ya. xD

-Audio files- well you need to have either something recorded, and you can download or buy good sound recording programs, or you can just use the sound recorder that comes with (PC) computers. (I dunno if Mac has it-) Or, if you choose to have music, just download some tunes to add. c: (or maybe music you might already have.) I hope that answers the question-

-As for being a partner- I'm unavailable for a partnership. But if you ever need anymore tips, just ask and I'll help you as much as I can. c: But good luck finding one!

Hey, maybe someday we can do a collab together. c: Who knows...

But good luck with your animating experience!


2009-04-02 23:16:59

The Adobe Flash is pretty good.
But it's up to you to decide which version you would like to work with. Different version of the flash cost different prices.
Usually the best programs are the most expensive.


2009-04-04 05:18:05

hi ill help u