Entry #1


2009-04-02 00:40:15 by funnyboy0409

ok well i just started making flash vids...not the best stuff but i need help knowing a couple of things

-what program should i use to make my flash animations (even if i gotta buy it)
-how the hell do i contribute to this awesome site????
-looking for a partern to help with animations (100% dedicated) must draw good
my style looks/ almost or kinda like dan paladin but i love his work and if i must i'll change it
-need someone to let me know what kind of program i need for sound files so i can put in voices

basically anyone that has made a flash vid/game im looking for you and i need your help

might even start something great...who knows???

so plz just msg me or check my page for my link and msg me there k

thank you
-carlos zumaran


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2009-04-02 00:47:31

go ask wade

funnyboy0409 responds:

wade???? who is wade lol sorry im new to this website