ok well i have a flash ready to post but i need a really bad ass fighting song like epic ...but ummmm im i aloud to download on off like limewire???and use it on flash vid? or download one of this site and use it??? i dont wanna do anything till i know wat i can do cuz i dont wanna get deleted from newgrounds for this soo plz someone help me out

ok well im an up coming animator ...but heres my problem..im looking to make flash video's
but heres some of the problems im having

-need to know which program i can use to make the cartoons and vids, even if i gotta pay for it
-need to know how to use audio files for vids
-NEED A PARTNER 100% dedicated
-need (maybe) a artist also...i can draw but might need an extra hand

....we might start something great...depending how dedicated you are so plz msg me or go to my page and pm me or go to my link ....thank you

-Carlos Zumaran

well its juss something i made under like 15mins ....that and the fact that i was watching tv

lemme noe wat you think...remember pplz im a newbie and can do better..plus dont go talking shyt wen all your gonna do is trace something later ..ok..ty

and yea i noe theres no color besides that happy guy...but who cares..i'll make better

LOL this is just the begining

ok well i just started making flash vids...not the best stuff but i need help knowing a couple of things

-what program should i use to make my flash animations (even if i gotta buy it)
-how the hell do i contribute to this awesome site????
-looking for a partern to help with animations (100% dedicated) must draw good
my style looks/ almost or kinda like dan paladin but i love his work and if i must i'll change it
-need someone to let me know what kind of program i need for sound files so i can put in voices

basically anyone that has made a flash vid/game im looking for you and i need your help

might even start something great...who knows???

so plz just msg me or check my page for my link and msg me there k

thank you
-carlos zumaran